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“In today’s complex global business environment, threats against businesses and the inherent potential for liability and loss are greater than ever.”    Our goal at H.P.S. is to provide security services, investigations, training services, and consultancy to meet a full array of our client's requirements.

About Us


Threats against businesses and the potential for liability and loss are greater than ever in today’s complex global business environment.  Information, knowledge, and expert resources are key to mitigating risk in all facets of the enterprise.

The primary purpose of our service is to mitigate loss, limit liability and prevent potential personal harm.  Services provided by H.P.S. include executive protection, threat and risk analysis, corporate due diligence, investigations, litigation support, surveillance, background investigations, training, and digital/computer forensics.

One of the greatest benefits to clients is the Harmony Assessment process providing your organization with a clear picture of what is in your best interest regardless of past agendas. Assisting your organization to dramatically mitigate security issues, H.P.S takes the time to evaluate your unique needs and works with you to implement solutions to address and remedy your situation. The assessment stage serves as the basis for our experienced, expertly trained and professional team to implement the proposed solutions.

Our team consists of individuals that are experienced retired law enforcement officers, investigators, and security specialist.


Our international presence and exposure to a wide variety of security solutions allow us to provide training and operational solutions for the 21st century.


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